Saturday, November 22, 2008

St. Mary's City, and a little more

Here is Historic St. Mary's City, there's Tia. This is the original Capitol of Maryland and it was this way for about 80 years or so. Here I am making sure a witch gets her comeuppance. Actually, I don't know if they had witch trials in MD, but it's a good action shot.

Here's Tia in front of one of the historic houses. Inside you will find all sorts of antiques, replicas, and souveniers. Here also we learned that back then, the people didn't bathe because it was considered unsanitary. So, they masked their yuchh with perfumes and herbs and stuff.

Also, by show of hands, who here knows that aluminum foil can catch on fire? Well, here we are, broiling our delicious Omaha Steaks that we so graciously received from one of our dear friends (Thank you so very much!) and all of the sudden there's smoke coming out of the stove top. Hm. (I thought to myself) That can't be good. I open the oven door -TIA TIA FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! And now begins the race to get the dish out of the oven put it on top of the stove top get a towel beatthefiredownbeatitdownhurryhurry, aaahhhh, the fire alarm! Run to the smoke censor and use the towel to blow air on it and finally, crisis averted. Those steaks were DELICIOUS! and obviously impervious to disaster.

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