Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So, off to DC we went after Thanksgiving day. Unfortunately, no amount of city walking could possibly offset the 7700 calories consumed in one sitting, but apparently Lincoln couldn't care less. He just stared.
Tia standing in front of a tree and looking good as can be. I'm digging the winter look.
Here we are with Bill, the mascot of the US Naval Academy. During the first Army-Navy football game, in 1980, the Navy needed a mascot and picked up a goat on the way to West Point. They beat Army 24-0 and three years later, the goat became the permanent Navy mascot.

This is the bell, which was given to the Navy by the Japanese, which is rung everytime Navy beats Army in football. There was another bell which was rung everytime Navy beat Army in any other sport.

That's a cannon.

They say the first thing most people learn when they go to USNA is "Go Navy, Beat Army" and sure enough that was one of the first things we learned, the first was that the Navy has an academy.

Thank you Jane and Marty Horn for a wonderful weekend. Can't wait for Christmas!!

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