Sunday, November 9, 2008


In effort to find a Halloween Costume for the Halloween Party we were invited to, we went to every department store in the area. After 5 stores, we were at a loss for costumes that we needed that night. Putting our heads together our conversation went like this:

Tia: What do we have at home that we can use?
Robert: I don't know.
Tia: What can we do with aluminum foil?
Robert: We can be leftovers.
Tia: Ha Ha Hee Hee! I love it! We can wrap ourselves in aluminum foil.

So off we went back to Target to get more aluminum foil and double stick tape. Robert was the experiment. After wrapping, taping, and seeing his ridiculous yet hysterical costume, I said, "You know I'm not doing all that right?!" I got off the hook and my husband won the "Halloween Good Sport Award!"

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Justbeachy said...

OMG i finally had the chance to look up your page and me and matt are laughing so hard reading about your guys' adventures!!! Im so happy that you guys are doing well. Sorry I haven't called ya back Robert, it's been crazy down here but in a good way. Ill try to give yas a call this week to catch up! And PS sorry about the cold weather, im happy somone told ya about using a scraper early though lol!