Monday, November 17, 2008

The Smithsonian

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum... Nice! This is what we did in DC on our first visit. Awesome place! We got a free tour and have learned, and by now forgotten, a whole lot about air... and space... not so much about museums... there's an idea, a museum about museums. How very Jerry Seinfeld. Anyway, the tour was free, but the guide was aging and could barely talk above the background noise, so we were often forced to get uncomfortably close to him to find out all the good info. So, what DID we remember? That's right, it's all about poop. Apparently they put it all in receptacles and brought it back to earth. I thought they could probably leave it up there, but can you imagine being another space shuttle looking for the space station and you get human poop on the windshield? They don't have windshield washer fluid, you know. And can you imagine all that astronaut training and then be labeled "first astronaut to wipe human poop from the space shuttle windshield"; I guess there's a first for everything. I think it may be worse for the second guy that has to clean poop. At least the first guy is in the history books, the second guy...? all the shame, none of the glory.

This here's Neil Armstrong and... the other guy, apparently his name is John Glenn. As you can see, they wanted to emphasize that he was NOT the first one on the moon by making him stand on the ladder. I mean, he was on the moon like one minute later than Neil and no one remembers who he is. Poor Jeff Green.
So, anyway, we had a wonderful day. If you go to DC, go to the Air and Space Museum and take the free tour. If you can tell your guide's wearing Aqua Velva, you're close enough to learn.

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