Sunday, February 21, 2010

Houston... We have the Friedmans

We went to the Space Center in Houston. We had a great time! There really was a lot to do there, and I think we took advantage of just about everything. This is just a control center so no rockets or space shuttles take off or land here, but they do have a training center here. And they also do other things, like make the food. Which is actually kind of silly since after they make the food they have to send it to Florida. What? They don't have kitchens in Florida? Here is a picture of the training center. The shuttle is a to scale model and this is where the astronauts spent a lot of hours going over the current mission.

Here we are in front of a poster showing footprints on the moon and some other stuff.

Here is Tia posing with Neil and Buzz (I'm totally guessing), and some other guy who didn't smile for the pictures, (someone was nervous).

Take a look at those thrusters! They actually don't look as big on the picture, but these things were like one or two stories each. There are five of these things on the rocket and it burns like 1000 gallons of gas a second (don't fact check these figures).

Here we are on the tram going to see the control center and the training center.

This is what I would've looked like if I had fullfilled my childhood dream of being an Astronaut. But persistent, I was not, as I learned that pilots have to have good vision, and since I wore glasses I gave up that dream faster than the White House killing Bush's challenge to go to Mars... that's right, I got political on you.

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