Monday, February 1, 2010

New Orleans

Hooray! Out of the car and touring the famous Bourbon Street!
We thoroughly enjoyed the famous beignets. They really are as amazing as everyone said!

Robert's ready for Mardi Gras!

Drinking the infamous Hand Grenade! Wow! It's powerful!

Ha ha! Did you really think I could handle TWO Hurricanes at Pat O' Brians?! I don't think so!

What a trip! We left Virginia on a Sunday and drove in two separate cars 11 hours to our first stop, Jennine and Ryan's in Tennessee. Poor Robert was sick but Jennine and Ryan welcomed me with open arms and were armed with cold medicine and tissues for Robert. It was great seeing them!
Tuesday we were on the road again and took the 10 hour drive to New Orleans. We stayed there for two nights. The first night we had yummy New Orleans food, but were asleep by 10:30 because we were so exhausted from the drive. The next morning we toured the French Quarter, went to the Cocktail Museum, and enjoyed drinks on Bourbon Street. We had a blast in New Orleans and will definitely go back to visit.
Thursday morning we were awake early for our drive to Texas. After 7 hours of driving, we arrived at our apartment and unloaded our cars. Even though we were absolutely exhausted, our driving wasn't over. The next morning we drove 3 hours (together this time) to Austin, TX to see Joe, Lindsay, and Grayson because they were in TX for a 1/2 marathon. We HAD to see them. They were too close not to. While in Austin, we enjoyed our time together and went to our first true Tex Mex resteraunt here in Texas. Sooo good! Saturday we drove back and of course on Sunday we prepared for work on Monday morning.

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