Thursday, March 18, 2010

Houston Rodeo

Love the new look?! Yeehaw!

The Houston Rodeo is one of the largest in the country.
It lasts for 2 weeks and is filled with Texan food, live concerts, a large carnival, livestock shows, and of course the rodeo shows. A whole another world for the us... but we looked the part so no one knew we were tourists. ;)

As we walked around there were cows everywhere!
It made me giggle that there were all these "prized" cows in a line with their derrières aimed at the pedestrian path... I quickly found the exit after this picture and decided I like the "cowgirl look" better than the actual cows.

Tia says, "Hunny, go stand next to that cow so I can get your picture and give me a cool cowboy look." Just as I clicked the picture the cow moved towards Robert and sneezed on him. Yuck!
I asked him to pose again since he was looking sideways. He's such a good sport! Even though I did get a good second picture, I thought this one portrayed our animal interactions and reactions a little better. Try as we may, as you can see, we so not real Texans!

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