Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cedar Point

CEDAR POINT!!!!! So, after years of dreaming of going, and months of anticipation, we finally made it to Cedar Point. It did not disappoint. We had an amazing time! It was supposed to be raining and thunderstorming, but we did not see one drop of rain. The weather was absolutely beautiful and Snoopy was all decked out for us. Ok, so... our favorite ride?
That's right! The Top Thrill Dragster! It is the second highest roller coaster in the world. You start out at 0 mph and in just over three seconds you're flying at 120 mph, you then shoot straight up, do a 90 degree turn to go over the hump at about 5-8 mph, then you go straigtht down, do a 270 degree turn, and come flying back all in just about 15-18 seconds. I don't remember my first time, just screaming. Both our hearts were racing in anticipation as the dragster waited for the green light. As soon as it took off, I started yelling like Richard Simmons in a haunted house. I yelled the whole time. Tia was speechless. We both were cracking up once the coaster came to a stop and both of our feet were wobbly. I would've upchucked my breakfast if I hadn't left my organs back at the starting point. We loved it so much, we got right back in line and went through a second time... and then again before we left the park. 100% adrenaline and pure awesome!

They had a nice little show, with bikes, and roller blades, and dancers, and acrobatics, etc. It was pretty fun.

We took our friend, Tina's suggestion and people watch. This became our third favorite thing to do, right after the Maverick.

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Armando Piedra said...

hey, where is Cedar point...? I gotta try that ride...how long was the line for it...?