Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On our 1st Anniversary, we moved in, and finally just left the house like this to have dinner.
VA beach with Madison

Happy Fourth!

So colorful in red, white, and blue

We had a fabulous time visiting friends and family over 3 weeks. We drove all over the right side of the U.S. map in our little cars filled to the top with stuff. We started in Michigan and stops along the way included, Ohio, North Carolina, and an all inclusive Florida trip ranging from Jacksonville, to Miami, and Tampa and places in between.... oh and then back to NC and finally to Virginia Beach which totaled 3,500 miles. Now we're staying put for a 4 months! We took many pictures with family and friends but unfortunately our memory card is corrupted and so we lost them. :(

We LOVE VA beach! The weather is amazing. You can get in and out of your car without sweating and it doesn't rain in the middle of the day. It's perfect... maybe we'll even move here one day! Hmmmm on the other hand, I was reminded that VA does have an actual winter and gets cold so I won't boast too much ;)

There is so much to do here, from mountains to beaches we have our weekends planned out already. 15 weeks doesn't seem like enough time to do everything.

Robert is adjusting to homehealth and the driving it involves into the unknown areas. I thought being a housewife would be easy, but goodness! I haven't stopped since we got here. I was hoping to get a little bored (by laying out and having manicures and pedicures) before starting work, but somehow it didn't happen. Ha ha! I've started doing PRN work and am enjoying it. I love my kiddos.

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