Monday, May 25, 2009

Mackinac Island

We went to Mackinac (pronounced "Mackinaw") Island. The Native Americans named this Island "Mackinac", which means "turtle island", because the island resembles a turtle. The French came in and wrote it out the way you see it on the title, but they pronounced it with a "aw" at the end. The English then came by and started spelling it with the 'aw' at the end but it didn't really catch. So, now you see it spelled both ways, but mostly with the 'ac' ending. Either way, the island is absolutely beautiful! There are no cars allowed, only bicycles and horses, which gives the island a totally different feel about it.
In the morning I awoke early and went outside to read. It was unbelievably serene and really cold. But, equipped with a jacked I read my book and enjoyed the sound of nothing which was only occasionally interrupted by the melodic clip clop of horses, and the quiet roar of distant boat engines. Even the seagulls knew to keep quiet at this time in the morning.
Out bike riding and we came upon this huge rock named Sugar Loaf which just jutted right out of the ground. The whole thing was a good 75 feet high and just a wonder to look at. Here I am near the top... of the 10 foot mark.

Riding a rock by the beach. We had an awesome bike ride around the island. The whole thing around is 8 miles.

It's tulip time, and the tulips definitely added an elite quality to the island. They were huge and smelled fantastic.

Here we are hitting the trails. The small island had some surprisingly steep hills on which we had a lot of fun riding down and not as much fun climbing them up. Tia wasn't done with the trails once this one was done and we ended up going on a different trail that was not on the map. Of course, we got on at the end of the trail and ended up walking our bikes up these incredibly steep slopes for most of the trail. We still laughed the whole way.

Wow. What a gorgeous day. We were really lucky.

Here's a turtle with a Tia on its back. It's pink flowers and purple designs normally attract Tias. Tias then attract photos which the turtles enjoy posing for. So it's a symbiotic relationship.

Look how clear the water is. It's fresh water, of course, because it's a lake. I believe the island is on Lake Huron. Not too far from here is Lake Michigan. If you need to remember the names of all the lakes, remember, HOMES (Huron Ontario Michigan Eerie Superior). If you need to remember which is which, always carry a map with you.

Here's the B&B we stayed at. It was GREAT! It's called the Bay View and if ever you find yourself in Mackinac, I would recommend this B&B. They serve the most incredible breakfast, Monday morning we got Homemade Quiche, served with homemade cinnamon bun roll, thing, with fruit. At three o'clock they have fresh baked cookies which are amazing. How amazing? I don't really care for Oatmeal Raisin cookies... These were UNBELIEVABLE! Then at 8 o'clock they serve dessert. Last night, strawberry shortcake. How good? Tia's words: "there's no chocolate in this thing and it's still absolutely amazing!". The environment is incredibly friendly and the service is top notch. Great place!

Dinner at Goodfellows was so good even the Mafia was there. The nerve of that guy, huh? But, what was I gonna say... I saw The Godfather... I know what's up.

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Armando Piedra said...

Never stop telling us about your adventures guys, it is an absolute delight to read and I am just so happy for you to have these experiences. The photos are great and as usual the great talent for story telling makes it a great read. Keep it up and stay in touch...hope to one day read on your blog about your visit to Europe! :0)