Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chicago the Sequel

We went to Chicago again, and it was awesome. The weather was absolutely beautiful for five minutes. So, here are all the Chicago... ans? ins? anders? well, whatever you call people from Chicago enjoying the weather..... for a full five minutes.

Here is Hot Doug's. We waited in line for a good hour and the hot dog's were worth every dollar and every minute we waited. The service was also incredibly friendly and oh! Did I mention the hot dog's? They were amazing! ... ... .... ... good hot dogs.

Here is Chicago's big bean. Isn't it awesome. Some artist made it. And now all the tourists go there and stare at it for basic the same thrill you can get at the local fair $1.50 Hall of Mirror Maze. But, it was actually pretty cool.
You remember "Married with Children"? that's the fountain! The fountain at the opening credits. That's it. It's ... big.

These are the wonderful people that hosted us and made us welcomed in their beautiful home (they stuck us in the "basement", which was equipped with a full bar with a kegerator, a liquor dispenser, electronic dartboard, two fully functional beer pong tables, a huge television, Nintendo Wii, and of course, what party room would be complete without it, Karaoke machine. No we didn't sing!..... yes we did sing. .... .... at the top of our lungs. We had a great time. Thanks Barbatelli's! We can't wait to see you again!

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Armando said...

Holy smokes!!!!! you waited an hour for a hot dog??? and it was "well worth it"??? i gotta try this out some day, you got me veeeery curious...hey and no news on my little sista living in New Gotham (Chicago)? hope to see you guys this summer here in Wien, and keep up the blog, I'm checking in every week. love, AP