Sunday, October 21, 2012

Florida Trip October 2012

 Lots to do at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Decorate cupcakes, paint pottery, shop, play at the park, eat Grandma's great cooking, and read books with Grandpa.
Happy 91st  Birthday Great Grandma! What a joy to all be together! Nana spoiled Layla with all sorts of fun toys. She loved it and so did we! Had fun at the Miami Aquarium thanks to Ti-Ti Gina!

 Magic Kingdom with Mickey Mouse!

 Layla LOVES Lion King. She was completely enamored by the show at Animal Kingdom and loved our hotel room at the Lion King Art of Animation Hotel.
 We were able to be with our God-children and enjoy the magic of Disney together.
 Lion King play area at hotel.

What an amazing family vacation we had! Layla felt well so visited our family and extended family, my McKee family I love you tons so wonderful seeing you, and then headed for Disney so Layla could experience the magic. While we were disappointed we were not able to see our friends this trip, as our stay was so short, we had such a great time that next year we plan on making another trip down for Disney, family, and friends! As you can see, Layla loved the characters. She was such a ham! Characters and shows were the main attractions for Layla, but I thought I wouldn't go completely overboard and put pictures of all the characters we met. We were so lucky as the weather was gorgeous and there was no wait for the rides so we rode many of them 2x. How fun! 

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