Sunday, September 16, 2012

On the Move- Thank God! :)

 Auntie Jennine, I love my bathing suit! I get so many compliments... apparently I'm pretty cute.
21 months
I look like Daddy! Hee hee!

Chickens! Oh my goodness! I can actually touch them.

"Hug little goat"!... Mommy, why are you cringing?

 I think I may be a farm girl!

 Mommy preferred the garden and she finally put the hand sanitizer away.
Dress-up is my new favorite thing! I did this all by myself!

Layla is doing great! Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. Layla continues to show improvement with her labs and now runs around, laughs, and plays like other children her age.  It's amazing the difference now that she is feeling well. She used to want to be held all the time and now she wants to walk, run, dance, and jump. It warms our hearts to hear the pitter patter of her little feet on the hard wood floor.

Robert is doing well in his first semester back at school. It's been an adjustment for the family, but we're on the upswing of figuring it out. With Robert in school, working full-time, and going to the gym, I, Tia Friedman, have started trying to cook. Ha ha! Yes, you heard me correctly. I'm trying! I've been somewhat successful and the little success I've had is driving me to continue. While I'm perfectly happy eating simple meals like eggs and college survival food for dinner, I've come to realize that Robert deserves good hearty meals and Layla deserves yummy food like my mom served when I was a child. As my little brother and I always say, "There's nothing like our Mom's cooking". Maybe one day, Layla will say that too. Oh boy! I better get cooking lessons!!!   

Nicole and I recently ran the relay in the Rock n' Roll 1/2 marathon. We placed 6th out of 91 in the female team division and came in 47th out of 281 teams overall with an 9:40 min/mile pace. In October, Jocelyn and Jessica are coming up and we're all going to run in the Wicked 10k race (Lindsay, you will be missed this year!).

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