Thursday, April 12, 2012


Happy Easter!
* Giggle Giggle*


Visit with Nana

Sportin' Mommy's Shades

At the zoo

It's spring time! Aren't you just lovin' the weather and all the beautiful colors?! We sure are. It's so nice to be able to play outside again. Soon it'll be beach weather! Whoo hoo! All is well here at the Friedmans. Robert is in full training mode for his competition which is May 5. We're counting down and can 't wait for it to be here. He is super thin and very cut. His self-discipline is unreal. For Easter he made cupcakes and all sorts of yummy food and wasn't even able to lick the icing off the spoon. Don't worry though folks, Layla and I are pickin' up the slack! :)

Grandma and Nana have both visited at different times over the past month. It was great seeing them and spending time with them. In just two months we'll be down in Orlando and will see them again.

Layla had her hematology appointment. The doctor didn't take blood due to her high fever earlier that morning. He is not too concerned at this point, but wants her to have blood taken in the next few weeks to test for anemia.

Me? I'm doing great! Well, I should say, when Layla is well then I'm great. And this is a great week!

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