Tuesday, February 21, 2012

15 Months

Peek-A Boo! Auntie Jessica "Ka-Ka" my tunnel is tons of fun! Thank you!

Love my Daddy time!

I love my new kitchen from the Horns!

Mommy is teaching me all the different tools for cooking. So now when I see a microwave I say, "cook".

I love my tutu outfit from my Auntie Jennine "Nee Nee"!

The past month in the Friedman house has been interesting. Layla had bronchialitis and an ear infection which was followed by intense teething. At her 15 month check-up, we were told that her hemoglobin is low and we have been referred to a hematologist. Her appointment is in mid March. We'll keep you updated. My dear friends Jessica and Jennine came to visit and they got a good taste of dealing with a sick baby morning, noon, and night. Layla was pretty miserable since she wasn't feeling well and we REALLY hope we didn't scare them off. Jess and Jen, please come visit again soon! Layla prays for you both every night. When I ask her who else should we pray for she says, "Ka-Ka", "Nee-Nee". It's like she know how badly it went and wants another chance. ;) You've succeeded in winning my daughter's heart and of course spoiling her with books and clothes. Thank you!

Now that she is well again, we've fallen into a nice routine again... well for the most part. As soon as you say that things change right?! Ha!

On a different note, Robert is seriously thinking about going back to school. To become "what" you may ask. We'll let you know once we figure it out. :) Meanwhile, he's training for another body building competition. He has amazing self-disipline and is dropping weight like crazy. He looks fabulous already and we're still 2 months out. On the other hand, I look at a chocolate chip cookie and hear it talking to me. It just beckons me with it's sweetness. So, needless to say, although I am not pregnant this time around, I'm being one big helper and eating all the good stuff so he doesn't have to.

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