Thursday, February 24, 2011

Layla Jane

The "La-Las"- Layla and Isla

Quick update for our friends out of state since it's been FOREVER since we've updated our blog :
We've purchased a home in Virginia Beach 2 miles from my big brother and his family and our sweet Layla Jane was born November 9! :)
Our Layla Jane is 3 months old now! She giggles and smiles and has recently found her speaking voice and cracks us up as she talks away to her butterflies. Her little personality is starting to come out and the little princess will speak up with coos as she tries singing along to Itsy Bitsy Spider or fusses as she gets frustrated when she can't get her toy to her mouth. Her highness is not afraid to speak her peace. She is still wearing 0-3 months clothes and weighs 12lbs. She's mommy's buddy as we go to our exercise classes, shop, clean, and even dabble in the kitchen. Layla is a Mamma's girl. So much so, that she cries when held by anyone else... even her own family! This does not help our cause for a date night.
Robert has continued to do his home health job and is doing well. He's a great Daddy and continues to shower me with love as well. :) I'm so fortunate that I am still able to stay at home for a few more months before heading back to work. I couldn't be happier! This is what I've always envisioned myself doing- going to school, getting my degree, working a bit, then being a stay at home mom. I LOVE IT!

We'll be updating the blog more often now that things seem to be settling down after the move, holidays, company, oh and having an infant. ;)
*Tutus- as seen in this picture were made by my dear friend Lindsay*

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