Sunday, September 26, 2010

Robert's Body Building Competition

After 6 months of intense weight lifting, waking up at 5 a.m. to run for an hour, eating practically nothing (1200 calories a day), all while dealing with realtors and brokers, shopping for appliances, appeasing his pregnant wife and of course working daily the body building competition arrived and HE DID AWESOME!!!!!

He competed in two different areas:
Novice (for those who have never one a competition) and the Open Class (for anyone regardless of experience or age).
He also had to do a 90 second choreographed muscle showing performance.
Choice of song: "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" by Offspring.
The audience loved his wit, facial expressions, and big muscles... yes I did hear other girls hootin' and hollering for him.
Back up girls, I'm 8 months pregnant!
(Layla was flexing too!)

He won second place in the Novice class and third place in the Open. Let me tell you... There were some big dudes out there. Competition was stiff! What an accomplishment!!!

Finally, real food!... it's not lettuce, tuna, or broccoli.. just the greasiest, fattiest, American meal he could find. He was in heaven! :)


Mandi said...

Rob, I couldnt be more proud of you...wait, check that, when you hold your baby daughter in your hands, then I couldnt be more proud of you :0) but this comes as a good second! Loud cheers and congratulations to you and Tia (yes, we are sure she played a role here) for this! And now all focus goes to your new and wonderful journey - parenthood!!

Mandi said...

you know I keep coming back here (hoping to see an update on Layla) and every time I catch myself looking at the photographs of Robs competition cant believe my little brother and what he achieved. really awesome. just thought I'd mention it, since it just happened again 30 seconds ago ;0)