Friday, August 21, 2009

Running the 5k

Well I'd like to apologize for the lack of Blogging that has been going on. As most of you are aware, we are training for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon, and so it was part of our training to do a 5k (this was a while back, as this Sunday we'll be tackling our 9 mile). Anyway, here's some of the fun.
Here we are hanging out before the race.
I don't know why we're each going in different directions, but I came in at 24 minutes and 48 seconds and Tia came in at 29 minutes 29 seconds. Not too shabby for a girl that hates to run.

After we finished we went on a bike ride through one of the Virginia Beach State Park Trails. They had all these indigenous huts and they spoke of how the Indians were hanging out before we came and did a little number on them (talk about "white guilt").

We did the 5k in a military base called Fort Story (the run was for Veterans and their families). Anyway, here's the view from inside the Fort. Isn't that amazing? I didn't have this kind of view when I was in the military. These kids are pampered nowadays. Of course, I also didn't have to be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan where temperatures reach 120 degrees F. Not to mention, you know, the bullets.

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