Saturday, August 22, 2009

Luray Caverns

So, the story is that some two guys were out doing some thing for some reason some time ago around the 1800's (we can't possibly remember all the details), and they noticed there was some cool air coming out of a small hole in the ground. They started digging around and they ended up in this cavern.

The cavern was filled with stalaGmites, which grow from the Ground up) and stalaCtites which grow from the Ceiling down, and other formations which looked like draperies, pop corn, and other fun stuff. I apologize for the quality of the pictures which do not give the caverns their credit due.

This is called Mirror Lake, and it takes a second to realize that the bottom is just a reflection of the top.

Here's Tia in one of the small archways. Back in the day, this cavern was filled with water and they actually had to canoe and lower their heads through this archway.

Ok, so this picture is out of sequence. You're supposed to look at the next picture first. There was this one other fella, who was very musically inclined. So, he put an organ in the caverns (see below). Then he went around with tuning forks, hitting the stalactites with small hammers to match each pitch. So, these little doohickeys that you see are all over this part of the cavern and they're all attached to this here organ you see beneath this. You play the organ and all these little hammers start pounding away at the stalactites and making great harmony.

Back in the 50s they used to have dances and other events in this room. Now, it's called the Wedding Room, because... well, I'm sure you can guess why.

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