Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Michigan!

So, here we are in Michigan. We’re here because I wanted to see more snow and go skiing. So, of course, the day after I leave Maryland it gets hit with about two inches of snow. That’s ok, if there’s two inches of snow in MD, there must be five in MI, right? I mean, it IS 5 degrees outside, and that’s what they get here, right? Snow? NO! There’s about 5 or 6 feet of dirty, filthy, icy snow sitting in piles in the parking lots. I wanted to make a snowman out of it just because that’s all the snow there is, but I would have made it the most disgruntled snowman ever. I mean like Frosty after getting fired and going through a divorce. I decided not to.

Snow Angels anyone?

The drive here was ok, but there’s no radio in my car. So, my time was filled with games such as, sing all the street signs, “What am I touching in the back seat now?” (I felt around in the back and tried to …guess what I was touching, how high can I sing, breath hold (how long), I also figured out by doing the math completely in my head that my tires rotated an approximate 902,880 times. Which actually sounds like a pretty conservative number, if I had to guess it would be up in the 5 or 6 million area.
We've now been here a week and we're actually having a great time! It's been raining and no skiing yet. We actually went to the ski resort, which is literally 10 minutes from us, to look at the ski resort and we looked so sad just staring through our rain soaked windshield at the muddy remains of what used to be plush snowy ski runs. Either way, we've heard of a lot of great things to do here and we can't wait to sink our teeth into them. We'll be going to Chicago this weekend so stay tuned.

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