Monday, March 30, 2009

Frankenmuth and relatives

Mom and Kristy came up for the weekend and we got to go to Frankenmuth. This is a little German town about half hour from our house. It's really nice and we got to go to Zender's famous restaurant which is famous for their chicken dinners. They are fried and fantastic! They sell like 40,000 tons of chicken a year (or some ridiculous number like that). Here's some of the fun.

Oh, yeah, it's Easter time and there were 100,00 Easter eggs spread out all over town.

Back home on Sunday, it snowed and I got to play. This is Larry, my little snowman.

We then started hanging out and played Rumikube. We had a great time but neglected Larry and...

He jumped to his death.

Unfortunately, we were having some camera issues and couldn't get as many pictures as we wanted. We had a great time. Thanks, Mom, for coming up. We love you!

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Armando Piedra said...

thanks for posting some pix of the family!!! and sorry about larry's suicidal plunge!!