Thursday, October 23, 2008

Train to Maryland

Ok, so here we are (well, here I am... someone had to take the picture and Tia's hair was doing that Sideshow Bob thing), getting ready to get on the train! We drove to Sanford, left our car with a valet parker (don't be fooled by the fancy name... although, he did put a plastic covering over the seat so as not to stain my already-stained seat covers, very lah-dee-dah), got on the train and, wouldn't you know it, started drinking. There was a complementary wine tasting being held for the upper class passengers.

Tia's big debut as the star of the webpage and just doing a wee bit of "chug-a-lug" if you get my meaning. This food and beverage car was geared towards people getting together and meeting one another. It was very common for anyone to just sit right next to you, ask you where you're from, and then continue with a conversation getting to know one another and sharing each other's travelling stories.

The sleeping arrangements were actually quite rough as I was sleeping in a bed exactly 2 inches wider than my body. Furthermore, I was laying on the top bunk, which for some reason they suspended a good 23 feet from the bottom bunk, and when I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night I almost peed my pants trying to figure out how to Jackie Chan my way to the bottom with out stepping on Tia or free falling to an unsure and unsteady floor. But, luckily, once I maneuvered my way down, went to the bathroom and came back, I had a good 78 minutes of tossing and turning on a comfy and plush 1.5 inch thick mattress enjoying all the spacious room of what Alcatraz inmates so belovingly referred to as "the hole". We really DID have a great time.

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Jennine said...

I love your commentary Robert! I feel like I was right there with you (HaHa;). I am so excited for your new adventure!