Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Time

 19 Months Old
 Picnic at the Zoo
Pretty in pink!
Even though we're not at Disney, Layla fashioned her embroidered specially designed Minnie outfit on Father's Day. Her Daddy loved it!
 In May, we celebrated Robert's 29th Birthday! ;) He looks that young doesn't he?!
 18 Months Old
We are loving the summer time! The beach and backyard water play are Layla's favorite activities right now... oh and eating!!! With the steroids Layla just loves to eat and eat and eat and now has round, full extra kissable cheeks. :)

Things here in the Friedman household are going... hopefully forward. Layla hasn't had any fevers and seems to be showing improvement with her mobility. She continues to be monitored by her specialist and while we still do not have a diagnosis, it appears they are getting closer to figuring it out. We must continue to pray that as she is weened off the medication that she is "cured"! Wouldn't that be wonderful?!

As many of you know we cancelled our summer vacation due to Layla not being well enough to make the trip without concern. We were so excited to see our family and friends and look forward to the chance to try and get together again later this year. As for now, we are keeping to ourselves as to not expose Layla to too many germs while her immune system is lowered from the medication. Fortunately it's summertime so there is plenty to do.

On a fun note, Layla has had a language explosion. We totally have conversations now. It's so fun! And like mother like daughter, if I hand my cell phone to Layla to talk to her Daddy, she'll take it and walk around just like I do while telling him real things. It's adorable!  

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