Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip to Florida

Our trip started out in Miami. Layla enjoyed playing with Nana! Nana had the hardest job of breaking Layla in to being around new people and she did it! She gets the award!
We spent time with Grandpa and Grandma. They are doing well!
We also had a BBQ and had friends and family over. It was so nice seeing them and catching up!

Then Layla and I said goodbye to Robert and went to Port St. Lucie to see my parents. It was wonderful! Even though I'm all "grown-up" my parent's home is still home to me. Eating, shopping, playing, talking... yup that's what we did! Plus, I didn't have to worry about anything... in some sense, I got to be a kid again! :)

My long-time friend Lauren and her baby girl Selah came by to visit. We met each other's baby girls and caught up.

Then it was off to Sebastian to see Aunt Jeanie, Uncle Anthony, and Andrew. We celebrated the twins birthday, Jane and Jean! :)

The last stop was Melbourne where we soaked up the sun with Jocelyn and Jessica! Layla had her first pool experience and loved it. Plus, she got to shop with her Aunties!... she crawled around getting into things while we tried on clothes. Ha ha! Didn't bother us as we all made a purchase. :)

Thank you all for EVERYTHING!

Thank you for having us, feeding us, taking time off of work, driving us, getting a pack n' play, and the list goes on. Most of all, thank you for showering us with love! All that love we're bound to take another trip down soon! xoxox

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