Thursday, March 10, 2011

4 months old

Look at those cheeks! :)

She loves her excer-saucer!

Last week, Layla weighed in at the doctor's office at 13 lbs and 2.5 oz which falls in the 50th percentile. Her height is 24.5 inches falling in the 60th percentile. Doctor said she is healthy and was encouraging when he looked at Robert and me and said, "You guys are doing great!" What a reassurance for us as first time parents because like many first time parents we question everything. "Are we doing this right?" "Is this getting diaper size getting too small?"
My favorite is a conversation we've had many times:

Robert-"Do you think Layla's __(insert word)__ (squirming/fussing/crying/waking up) because she's hot?"
Tia- "Hot? I was thinking maybe she's not warm enough? Are you hot right now?"
Robert- "No, I'm okay. Temperature seems good in hear. Doctor said to dress her like we're dressed for bed. But, look at how your dressed (Tia- pants, socks and tank top) and then look at me (shorts, just shorts). "
Tia & Robert- (Both look at Layla and sigh. She's definitely not going to bed in only a diaper like her Dad and she doesn't get to cover with sheets like Mom sooo... in the sleep sack she goes.)
This conversation goes on socks? no socks? long sleeve? short sleeve? etc.
I think we've finally figured out the proper temperature on the space heater and appropriate sleep outfit for the cold weather. Warmer weather will be here soon and the conversation will begin once again.

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