Friday, June 11, 2010

We made it to Virginia Beach

We have arrived here in Virginia after 3 long driving days. We are so thankful that our cars made it here without any problems and that we arrived safely. Thank you, God! The Horn family welcomed us into their home as this will now be our home too for the next month. Robert and I are a bit overwhelmed with so much going on: unpacking, looking for a home, finding and starting new jobs, finding new doctors, and very possibly buying a new car as Robert's really on its last legs.

On a fun note, it's great to be with family! Our nieces have changed so much in the 4 months we were in Texas. We're looking so forward to summer fun at the beach and pool and evenings of grilling and s'mores.

More fun news: This week, Layla Jane is the size of a mango.

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