Monday, May 10, 2010

Remember the Alamo!

We went to San Antonio for the weekend! This here is the Alamo. Unfortunately, we don't know our history too well, and for some ridiculous reason the audio tours were unavailable on a very busy Saturday, and there wasn't too much information posted on walls explaining what things were (like in a museum). All this to say that we walked around the Alamo for a good 45 minutes wondering what the heck the Alamo was. I finally got the skinny and then enjoyed myself a little more... Tia... well, let's just say the baby could care less what the Alamo was after 45 minutes. Quick History: Davy Crocket and other Americans and Texans were defending the Alamo against overwhelming numbers for 18 days before finally being taken over. They were defending Texas and its independence against Mexico. Although, most died, their courage and passion continue to be a integral part of the great American spirit. So, we struck back at Mexico and Santa Anna years later yelling "Remember the Alamo" as we defeated Mexico and took our soon-to-be-state.
Here is Tia hanging out where Davy Crocket used to hang. By the way, Davy Crocket was the one who said the famous words "You may all go to hell, I'm going to Texas".

We then took the boat tour around the San Antonio river named after St. Anthony the saint of lost items. The area is awesome. A bunch of restaurants decided to plant themselves on both sides of the river and then put tables on the river side. So, we got to sit (and I got to drink a little) and eat and enjoy the river and people watch. Very nice.

The Buckhorn Saloon was like the oldest saloon in TX (Buckhorn saloon may not have been the oldest saloon in TX). We really don't know too much about the history because we refused to shell out the ridiculous 18 bucks a head to check out this pretty cool albeit very cheesy museum. Either way, here I am next to ... um .... supermoosebuckelk? I don't know what that is.

For a museum which we didn't get into we sure got a lot of pictures for it. Here's the outside of the Buckhorn saloon. Here's Tia auditioning for the part of Buck"horn"...

Here's Tia looking like a million bucks and Robert looking like $47. Well, next to her, I'm happy to get up to 47 bucks. Anyway, we thought we'd enjoy going out and having a nice fancy dinner before the baby turns our world wonderfully upside down.

See what I mean? Right there by the river, people watching, eating, drinking(me: beer, Tia: sprite in a wine glass) and feeling great! We then walked around and enjoyed the nice San Antonio Riverwalk. We had a wonderful time.

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