Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jocelyn's Visit

Jocelyn came up to visit! We started our adventures touring Jamestown.
They recreated the old ships that the settlers came over on.

These were the beds, tiny boxes under the boat.

Robert was practicing carrying buckets of water. He ended up spilling water all over his legs.

Getting ready for battle.... Robert wanted me to put the helmet on... yeah right!

They used to actually carve out the logs using shells. We tried it for about 5 seconds and then just hopped in the canoe that was already completed.

In Historic Williamsburg meeting the locals. Some things will never change ;)

Introducing Jocelyn to crab cakes. She loved them!

Did you know Planter's Peanuts has a factory here?! Well they do and they are delicious.
Jocelyn, thanks for coming up and visiting. It's always special having friends with us.

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